“Ten Things I wish I’d Known- Before I went out into the real world” – Book Review

The reason why I choose this book was not because of the title, but because of Maria Shriver. I did not knew much about her career, all I knew was that she used to be a journalist and now married to a famous ex-actor. I prejudged the book just by that. From a wealthy family and a pretty face, I just thought it was going to be boring and an egocentric book. Wrong, because just by the first paragraph that book and me just clicked. My fears are similar to hers. The book does talk only about her, but her purpose is for the readers to understand and to learn to accept oneself.

She talks about that having it all economically and physically does not make you succeed in life. It is the inner self that we have to feed with positivism and humility, so it can have the strength and perseverance after each fall that in our life might have. I noticed how I am following her pattern of paying too much attention to the opinions of other people, how I compare myself. She wants to prepare us, because we are going to find many stores in our career.

Guilt Avoidance, stop comparisons, spirituality, to always find sense of humor and to have family first; are the things that are going to help me in solving my problem of accepting me exactly the way I am. How has this book helped me? Well after I read that a journalist has to be available 24/7 and deal with all type of difficulties, I would have said that I do not want to go through that. However, I feel the contrary to it; it made stronger my willing of becoming one. For that of course, I am going to take into account the ten things that now I know, before stepping into the real world.

Source: Shriver, Maria. Ten Things I wish I’d Known- Before I went out into the real world. New York: Grand Central Publishing, 2000.

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