Keith Urban on Central Park Concert

Keith Urban GMA (14)Grammy Award winner joined Good Morning America’s free concert series this morning in central park. This is how my first Friday morning in New York started since I love his country/rock sound. Just before going back on tour, Urban stopped in New York to promote his new single and announce his upcoming concert in the city. His fans had some fun in the sun while listening to his well known his like “Somewhere in my car”, “Even the stars fall 4 u”, “Long hot summer”, and “You gonna fly”.

I had seen Urban live before and he really rocks his guitars.  He was a little quiet during the sound check and seemed nervous or maybe he was just too concentrated before his performance. The only downside of a free GMA concert is the only five songs set-list. Doors open at six in the morning, but some people get there a couple of hours earlier to be front row. They do have benches in the back of you don’t care to be on camera or don’t want to be on your feet for three hours. If you visit new york in the summer, please attend to one of GMA’s concert. This is where you can start your day and then tour Central Park.

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