America’s Got Talent : Attending a Live Show Taping

America's Got Talent (2)I am not a big fan of this show but I am always open to learn how things and television works. Tickets are free and since they were taping at Radio City Music Hall, I saw it as an opportunity to see the inside of this iconic venue.

I had to arrive two hours early but it was a great chance for me to admire Radio City Music Hall.  They gave us instructions on how to be the best audience, they asked us to be energetic if we wanted to appear on television, etc. I had no desire to be on camera, so I sat in the back to just enjoy the show. Audience was loud and exited when the host and judges appeared on stage (Ok, I have to admit that I was kind of exited to see  Mel B. Yes, I was a Spice Girls fan).

For the most part participants performed just entertaining acts. I cannot say I was shocked with what they did this time, but it was fun. What contestants need is a chance to express their pasions on national television and this is a great platform to do it. Not Susan Boyle’s impressive talented but they were entertaining. However, the best parts were definitely during the commercial breaks when the real show really happens. Everything is made possible because of the production staff. Labor and production assistants are the ones that really work hard for us to enjoy the show. America’s got talent is not just the acts you see on television, sometimes it is important to support a show like this one for the dozens of production jobs it creates.

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