ENTRADA GRATIS* *¡Gratis no hay nada! – Play Review

SG-EG-Banner-Facebook1Written and permformed by Saulo Garcia, Entrada Gratis is a one-man show directed by Yoshvani Medina. It premiered at Repertorio in 2012, but since then it has been a sucess everytime Garcia comes back to New York.

Entrada Gratis is about lies in the single life, marriage, parent-teenager relationship, lyrics, death, and politics. Saulo will take you trough a comic journey of the most essencial white lies without pretending to give a moral lesson.

Entrada Gratis is an ageless and global show just because lies trough out the years will be the same. What audience can expect is to laugh from beginning to end. He gives a comic spin to the dramatic irony of human behavior.

Saulo points out the most ridiculous, annoying, sweet, expected, and political lies we once hear or tell. Those that eventually become a natural thing to say. He defines them as a necesary life resource at any given situation.

In the stage is a huge and bright asterisk hanging from the ceiling. It represents the invisible symbol used in every lie one tells. A chair and his guitar are his props. It is all he needs to deliver his satirical comedy. A fundamental part of his show is also the audience questioning time. Lighting increases as he approaches public and asks them about other marital truths and lies.

Saulo Garcia can do it all as a comedian. He dominates his art by utilizing all of his resources. He knows when to manage pauses, when to use his theatrical face , when to pantomime, and even when to sign and improvise.

The Colombian comedian can find humor even at funerals. Lies at funerals could be a subject no one talks about, but Saulo does. He can talk about the dumb comments or the sad faces one makes to pretend we really cared about someone we barely knew.

The title itself is an example of a lie – Free Entrance – since nothing is free in this world. The only thing that is never a lie is the sincere laugh and applause he gets from his audience. We know that all comedians talk about lies in their shows, but only Saulo really knows how to make it unique.

*Performed in Spanish only. No English translation. One hour and 40 minutes without intermission.

For Performance Dates Visit http://saulogarcia.com/

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