An Elevated Walk in The High Line Park

High Line Park (40)The High Line Park has become a popular spot in Manhattan because of its great views while you get some exercise. It is a revitalized piece of history of the West Side elevated railroad tracks that were built in 1934.

It was out of use in the 1980’s and now since the early 2000’s has been transformed into a successful preservation project. In this 2.33 km park it will not just be another walk in the park, this time you will be surrounded by a beautiful gardens in such an urban area.
I decided to take a tour of the park with FreeTours by Foot and our guide mentioned how important was the railroad to New York City’s economy and the impact that the meatpacking district had. This is also where I leaned about the Sky Garage (one of the most expensive penthouses with drive-in car elevator), the Chelsea Hotel, The Manhattan Uranium Project (created the first atomic bomb), Pier 54 and 59 (where some of the Titanic survivors were brought), and about other historic warehouses and buildings. There is also a seating area overlooking busy 10th Avenue which once was called “Avenue of Death”. The reason for its name was because it was an intersection where many pedestrians were killed. Maybe this doesn’t sound too appealing, but you will see how now it has nothing to do with death. In fact, its a great people watch area while you rest.
There are several of restaurants around the High Line where you can eat before or after your exploration. You can start in the Meatpacking district, eat and shop at the Chelsea Market, and then stay for the breathtaking sunset views at the end of the High Line.

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