Where to See the Designers and Guests at the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

NYFW2014The main thing that you need to have is Fashion’s Week Schedule and a ton of patience. Designers and most of the special guests will arrive and exit using the back entrance on Amsterdam Avenue. A few celebrities will dare to use the main entrance, but waiting in front of Lincoln center is definitively not so boring due to the crazy outfits and people trying to get attention.

Prepare your camera, extra batteries, something to drink and your most comfortable shoes. Depending on the schedule decide if the designed you want to see might use security or not. Most of them will arrive a few hours early before their show and will use entrance on Amsterdam Avenue. I wanted to meet Oscar Jaenada who recently interpreted the iconic Mexican comedian Mario Moreno in Cantinflas. He was debuting as a model for designer Roberto Etxeberria. Later I learned that he left early using the back exit just while I was on the front entrance. No luck for me, but I did met some other interesting personalities. Here are some photos I took during the Fall 2014 FW in NYC.

NYFW Schedule

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