Meeting one of my Favorite Singers…Laura Pausini

Laura PausiniLaura Pausini has been one of my favorite singers for over a decade. Her music has been my companion during difficult times, and listening to her voice and lyrics is always a pleasure. During my second concert of the Greatest Hits World Tour in Las Vegas, we were able to meet with her during the sound check. This time, I had not only won my ticket through the fan club, but I was able to see how humble and great she is with her fans and musicians.

Sound check lasted around 30 minutes and concert started an hour later. I again went by myself and had a wonderful time. Interaction with fans during her concerts is one of the things that might distinguish her from any other female international singer. I also admired her willingness to please her diverse audience by performing her hits in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English. Going to her concert was in my bucket list…meeting her was an unexpected crazy beautiful experience.

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