Walking in the Garden District – New Orleans

Garden District (40)The most outstanding neighborhood in New Orleans is the Garden District. It is a collection of mansions  of various styles specially built for the Americans in the 1800’s so they did not had to live close to those of European decent who majorly concentrated in the French Quarter area.
You can join a walking or bike tour or simply walk on your own. All you need is comfortable shoes, a map, and your camera.
Enjoy your walk.

 Dare to walk in the Lafayette Cemetery #1.
A must-see while in NOLA. It is the oldest and most filmed cemetery established in 1833. Predominately family tombs. Over 600 of people buried here were victims of yellow fever and others of veterans of various wars.
Lafayette Cemetery No. 1.
Commander’s Palace Restaurant $$$$
New Orleans Landmark since 1880. This restaurant is a culinary legend and go-to destination for Haute Creole cuisine
Commander's Palace
Special thanks to the Self-Guided Tour Guide
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