Why is The Brooklyn Bridge So Famous and Important?

Brooklyn Bridge (22)The Brooklyn bridge represented forward thinking during the Industrial Revolution. It was modern engineering and visual appealing architecture. It was the world’s first steel-wire suspension bridge.
Other Facts:
  • For New York it represented an economic opportunity for connecting two major cities : Manhattan and Brooklyn
  • Construction began in 1870 and was opened in 1883 where 250,000 people walked across within the first 24 hours of its inauguration
  • It connects Manhattan and Brooklyn and was once considered as the eighth wonder of the world
  • Constructed during the 21st US president, Chester Arthur
  • It is 5,989 ft in length and 85 ft in width and contains 21,000 wires
  • It is illegal to put Love Locks, but that is still a common thing for pedestrians. Locks are occasionally removed to prevent bridge damage
  • More than 30 men died during its construction including the designer, John Roebling, who died of tetanus in 1869 after his foot was crushed by an arriving ferry
  • Washington Roebling became the engineer in charge,  but was confined to bed because  of Caisson Disease caused by a fire on one of the caissons of the bridge. His wife Emily Warren Roebling took over and she became known as the first woman field engineer and had the honor to be the first person to make a trip over the historic bridge
  • A week after its opening 12 people died on an stampede caused by the panic after a rumor that the bridge was collapsing. To prove it was stable, a week after, a showman P.T. Barnum led 21 elephants trough the bridge.
  • It became a national historic landmark in1964. It is periodically rehabilitated and repaired
To go back to your destination you can walk back, get a cab, by train, or pay a water cab. If you are in Manhattan, I recommend going visiting Brooklyn by train and then walk back though the Brooklyn bridge. Best time is probably around 5-7 pm when you can also catch the sunset.
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