About Me

Hi! Thank  you for visiting. My name is Gabriela and this is the place where I get to document and share with you about the things I saw,  enjoyed,  and learned during a trip or a local event I attended .  I am just a beginner but I promise it will get better. Your tips, questions, or comments are welcome.

Naming the blog
There are always songs that inspire and keep you company. One of the many ones I like is Musical Ride by Hanson. It’s about an invitation to a new journey where the most important thing to learn is to let go. It talks about how there is still so much to see, that there is no reason to stand still and lose moments, and that one only have to pick the destination. From that song comes the name of this blog. MyMusicalRide.com is where I share and talk about a place or event I visited, enjoyed, and learned something from it.

This is what I love doing in my free time. I love to walk, explore, learn, and talk about it.

 Gabriela Serrano

Siempre hay canciones que te inspiran y te acompañan a donde vallas. Una de tantas que me encanta es Musical Ride de Hanson. Es sobre una invitación hacia un viaje de ensueño donde se aprenderá a dejarse ir y que podría cambiar la vida. Habla de lo mucho que aun hay por ver, que no hay razón para quedarse quieto, de no perder momentos, y que solo hay que elegir el destino y confiando se mostrara el camino. De allí viene el nombre de este blog. My Musical Ride habla simplemente sobre algún lugar o evento que fui, disfrute, aprendi y que les quiero compartir. Esto es lo que hago en mi tiempo libre. No soy fotógrafa, pero me encanta tomar y compartir fotos sobre lugares o eventos que voy. Me encanta caminar, explorar, aprender y contar sobre ello.



*I am bilingual in spanish and really wanted to do a billingual blog,
but now I’ve decided that its going to be in the languaje I feel like
writing on that specific day.

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