Visiting America’s Front Yard, The National Mall

View from Lincoln Memorial

This is a must visit national park in Washington, D.C. where you will find the Washington Monument, WWII, Vietnam, MLK Jr., Thomas Jefferson, the Korean and other Memorials. Near this broad green-space are the Smithsonians museums, and minutes away the White House and US Capitol.

Views from the Top of the Washington Monument
There is an an elevator that ascends 500ft. And takes you to the top of the monument to the observation deck. Tickets are limited per day and even though some might be distributed that same day in the morning, there is no guaranteed. If you have time to plan your travel then reserve tickets online to enter this iconic landmark.

Between museums this is a perfect place to picnic, rent a bike, read a book, take a nap under a three. It is a busy area but not only for tourist. There are always events and locals come here often. Memorials and monuments are free and open 24/7. Some park areas have free Wi-Fi coverage. Recommend purchasing the Hop on and Off Bus if you don’t want to walk much. Must bring conformable walking shoes and a bottle of water.

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