How you Doin’? – Attending the Wendy Williams Show

Wendy WilliamsNew York City, September 10, 2014 — The popular daytime talk show gives audience the opportunity to attend to a free live taping. I am personally not a fan, but her authentic personality and my desire to learn about television production made me request a ticket. It only took me a week to receive confirmation with a long list of instructions to follow prior and during the taping. If you do not like waiting do not even request one…and dress to impress is a must for this show. Each season the show is taped twice a day. The morning show is the one used “Live” and the afternoon one is taped in segments to be aired on a later date as needed. My ticket was for the afternoon taping and I arrived at the Chelsea Studios two hours prior doors opening. Since having a confirmation does not guarantee entrance, I had to be there early to get on line. Once staff checks you in, you are sent to the waiting room..yes, more waiting. They were trying to get everyone of us to submit a question for “Wendy’s Advise”. Once they finally selected the five questions, we are were sent to the studio. I got a front row seat -Yayyy!?- and they asked us to dance and clap on the producer’s cue. It was a fun experience, Wendy Williams has a contagious charismatic personality. The guest of the day was Dr. Phil, who talked about domestic violence and how children should not be used as an object or excuse on marriage. We had to do a lot of acting pretending to like, dislike and applauding the host’s comments. The Hot Topics segment is superficial and exaggerated gossip news. It seemed that they had nothing else to say to they decided to talk about whether it was true or not Ariana Grande is acting like a Diva …Who cares?! Other than the improvised segment, I had fun. Audience loves Wendy and they were happy to see her so close, skinnier, and got to see how simple she is during commercial breaks. Audience coordinators did a great job too, so I really recommend anyone visiting NYC to request a ticket to any of the shows offering a live taping experience.

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